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Origins and traditions

The “Pastificio Caponi” is a Tuscan handmade pasta factory that produces dried egg pasta since 1953.

It was born from a small workshop of fresh pasta, around the 1960s it had its first transformation: the small workshop moved in bigger space and became an handmade laboratory of fresh and dried egg pasta sold by the retail and wholesale. In those years, we sold our products in the province of Pisa and in other few provinces of Tuscany.

Subsequently in the year 1980s, the “Pastificio Caponi” transformed itself in a dried pasta laboratory only; till today we produced exclusively laminated egg pasta, and no drawn, following a working cycle almost entirely manual and room temperature, using a drying period about 80 hours and making a properly research of the raw materials.

During these years, the owners have kept the traditional manual working process, by fresh eggs and durum wheat semolina, conducting a working process cycle as similar as possible to the one of homemade pasta. Exactly for this reason we are not able to produce industrial quantities and our products are earmarked to a niche clientele, lovers of good food and the culinary Italian tradition.

Evolution and new challenges

Since some times, we have taken a new challenge because of the growth of the request by our customers: Gluten free pasta. The Gluten free pasta, made in the respect of the provided rules for gluten decontamination, has as ingredients corn and rice that give a coloration and a quality very different from the typical gluten free pasta in the market.

By the years our products have reached several markets, not only in Italy but also in the European States like French, England, Belgium, Germany and few extra European States mainly USA and Canada. Anyway, in any case, our aim is conducting the tradition that characterize our production cycle, but with a touch of modernity thought innovative design and captivating packages.