Pasta type: Durum wheat pasta

Cooking time: 8 - 9 minuts

Packaging: 250 g

Dressing: Durum wheat Fiammiferi are indicated with classic meat or fish sauces.

The processing

The dough, composed of Italian durum wheat semolina of the highest quality and water, is mixed in a special machine, called mixer, at room temperature and, once the dough has reached the necessary characteristics is passed to another machine, called grinding machine, where it is compressed until the right consistency to go then to the sheeters. With the sheeters, that are essentially machines with steel rollers that replace the wooden rolling pin, the dough is rolled at room temperatures up to be so thin that it can be then passed to the cutters. Each step of the sheeter is manually followed with 12-14 repetitions and the thickness of each sheet change depending on the type of pasta that we produce. Also, the thickness of the sheet is measured manually how it’s used once, to ensure to each product his own characteristic.  

Infact the thickness is different in each types of pasta for skeins, for drying, for cooking and for keeping the dressing. After spending the sheet in the appropriate cutters and given the cutting of the pasta to be produced, manually are made the skeins, which will be placed on the drying frames. The drying also is carried out at room temperature for long times, about 48 hours. Once the pasta comes out of the dryers, it has to rest for a certain period of time which varies from product to product and may be more or less long according to weather conditions.

Then the production of our pasta, from the dough to packaging, is meticulously followed by our women who for years, manually step by step, they take care of every details for taking to our products that extra characteristic: an artisanal processing made almost entirely by hand.

Moreover, the pasta being a laminate processed at room temperature, during its processing cycle doesn’t undergo thermal variations. This permits to us not to alter the organoleptic quality of raw materials. Our process of working ensures the preservation of the organoleptic properties of the semolina to maintain elasticity, porosity and flavor at the highest levels.

Nutrition declaration per 100 g
Energy kJ 1430 kcal 340
Fat g  0.9
of which saturates g  0.15
Carbohydrate g  68
of which sugars g  0.5
Protein g 12.7
Salt* g  0
*The salt content is exclusively due to the presence of naturally occurring sodium