Attention and care in every detail

All that in the years has made that Caponi's pasta stand out from many other types of pasta are the attention and care in every detail, from the creation of the dough to the packaging, which since 1953 are the basis of our company. The meticulous research of raw materials higher quality has always been the basis of our policy, along with the constancy to pursue a course of sixty years of working as close as possible to that ancient tradition of making pasta that was an excellent dowry of old Italian housewives. Infact, since 1953 the method of processing hasn’t changed and the production is made by 70% by hand.


The dough, made only of Italian durum wheat semolina and eggs (23%), is mixed in a special machine called pasta maker. After the formation of the dough, the lamination process takes up to 10 – 12 passes through the rolling machine, that the dough sheet reaches the required thickness. This allows the product to retain unchanged the volatile substances typical of the used ingredients, preserving the quality of gluten, to obtain a pasta more permeable to sauces and characterized by an incomparable chewiness.

The drying

Subsequently, each rolls of dough are passed to the cutters to obtain the desired formats which are then made in skeins, again manually, so to facilitate the passage of air and allow a perfect drying on special looms. Then it is proceeded with the placement of the looms in special wooden boxes for the drying. The drying was set not to give any stress to the dough: this phase requires in fact a very long time and a room temperature. Once the pasta comes out of the driers, this must rest for a certain period of time which varies from product to product and may be more or less long according to weather conditions.

Then, the entire process is conducted at room temperature and for this reason the laminated dough has a brighter color, as the pigments of the dough sheets are thermolabile and are inhibited by high temperatures. The packaging, also this carried out rigorously by hand, closes a process based on complete attention of the Caponi products.